Personification In Animal Farm, By George Orwell

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If one has or receives too much control, will it cloud one 's personal beliefs and ideas? Some may assume power is something one can benefit from. But the hold it can sometimes take can be overwhelming and controlling. Animal Farm, by George Orwell, is a an allegorical and a dystopian fable about an atrocious drunk farmer who can 't seem to attain to his farm in a mannerly way. The novella starts off with the animals getting influenced by what their life would be like if animals were equal. The animals want change and freedom from Mr. Jones 's selfish hold. Unfortunately the power and greed begin to develop in some of the animal 's heads causing the idea of equality to become something of the past. The pig’s desire for power causes …show more content…
Orwell uses personification to give a deeper meaning to the literary text, bringing inanimate objects to life encouraging us to understand an aspect in a new perspective. For example Old Major, the pig who introduced the idea of freedom and equality to the other animals is a symbol. Old Major represents Karl Marx, a famous philosopher of change. They hold many trait similarities, for example, Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto. Which was about his principles and ideology of abolishing the class systems. Old Major wrote a list of seven commandments, made up of rules the animals should take pride in. It stated that an animal should never take up the behaviors of man and all animals are equal. Both Old Major and Karl Marx died before being able to witness the revolution that took place because of their ideas and visions. After the Russian Revolution Marx’s ideas were distorted and changed by Stalin, the Soviet Dictator. This event is similar to Old Major’s because once the pigs began to withhold power his ideas and beliefs were corrupted. In Old Major’s speech he introduces animalism and a utopian state of living where, “All animals are equal” (pg. 4). which symbolises the Communist Manifesto written by Marx. Another example of symbolism is a pig named Napoleon, who in a way is a corrupt type of leader to the farm. Napoleon represents Joseph Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union. Alike Stalin, Napoleon was constantly trying to attain power. Napoleon also manipulated the other animals in order to have control over the farm likewise with Stalin, but with people and organizations. Both Stalin and Napoleon were also willing to take lives in order to maintain their power and control. Stalin killed anyone who he thought stood in his way to authority, along with Napoleon, who killed the animals that he believed were plotting against him. Overall in the story the pigs represent the Communist Party

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