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Marguerite Shepard
-first founder
-chapter VP
-helped write The Ritual and Constitution
Ethel Evelyn Brown Distin
-second president
-developed Beta chapter at UW
Names of Founders
Marguerite Shepard, Ethel Evelyn Brown Distin, Mary Louise Snyder, Estelle Shepard Beswick, Grace Mosher Harter, Emily Helen Butterfield, Georgia Alberta Dickover, Edith MacConnel Hickok, Jennie TItus Smith Morris, Flora Knight Mayer, Georgia Otis Chipman
GPA to know
2.3 to initiate
2.8 good standing
3.14 strive for pi
Resources to help with scholarship
VP scholarship
sisters in the same major
study parties
simply anything that helps you available within the chapter
Role of sisters in major
-They are a resource to ask about professors and classes
-You are able to take classes with other sisters
-They are a source to go to for advice
Reasons for Officers
-to provide input and assistance to the team leader who serves on EC
-to spread out responsibility needs and leadership opportunities
-to lighten the load of others
-more answers may apply
International President
Jackie Brannon Stutts
Officer Advisors
Advisors give expert advice on each position they oversee, they are there to help guide the EC officer they are assigned to and make sure things are moving smoothly. Our chapter has 9 officer advisors.
Purpose of Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation
-to support philanthropic causes, especially diabetes research and education
-to help Alpha Gams “contribute to the world’s work” through leadership training opportunities
-to support other sisters through scholarships and grants
Why is it important that I pay my dues and participate in chapter committees and events?
Collegiate dues keep the Fraternity running on both local and international levels. Participating in committees helps keep each member involved in the chapter. It also shows passion and support for Alpha Gam.
The Fourteen Pearls Initiation Program is:
-is a personal development program completed by each new member during the Alpha Experience
In Alpha Gamma Delta, the Ritual refers to:
-the traditional ways we express our beliefs and values through words, ceremonies, and songs which we participate in together on a regular basis
Members can promote our values by:
-Speak positively about other Greek organizations
-Post things on Facebook and Twitter that showcases AGD positively
-Looking nice in Alpha Gamma Delta letters
-confidence when talking to others
Hazing is:
-actions that undermine our purpose
-harmful to sisterhood
-risking emotional and/or physical harm
-is not allowed by Alpha Gamma Delta, if it occurs it should be reported
-any situations created intentionally that cause embarrassment, harassment or ridicule, regardless of the person’s willingness to participate
We were founded on:
We were founded at:
May 30, 1904
Syracuse, NY
Name three of the ten Songs:
-Initiation song -Chums -Candle Lighting Time
-Reverie -Grace -Hymn
-Our Pledge of Faith -Pledge Song
-Farewell Song -Fraternity
Our Flowers
Our Jewel
Our Colors
Our Mascot
Red, and Buff roses with asparagus plumose fern
Red, Buff, Green
Skiouros the Squirrel
How do collegiate members wear the Badge?
Over their Heart
To Gain
To Develop
To cultivate
To Cherish
To gain understanding that wisdom may be vouchsafed to me
To develop and prize health and vigor of body
To cultivate acquaintance with many whom I meet
To cherish friendships with but a chosen few and to study the perfecting of those friendships
To welcome
To honor
To hold truth
To covet
To welcome the opportunity of contributing to the world's work in the community where I am placed because of the joy of service thereby bestowed and the talent of leadership multiplied
To honor my home, my country and my religious faith
To hold truth inviolable, sincerity essential, kindness invaluable
To cover beauty in environment, manner, word and thought
To posses
This shall be
To possess high ideals and to attain somewhat unto them
THis shall be my Purpose that those who know me may esteem Alpha Gamma Delta for her attainments, revere her for her purposes and love her for her womanhood
First founder
Chapter VP
Helped with Ritual and Constitution
Marguerite Shepard
Second President
Helped develop and install Beta Chapter
Ethel Evelyn Brown Distin
President 1909
Zeta Chapter-Ohio Univ
Mary Louise Snyder
First editor of Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly
First Extension Chairman
Author of The Alpha Gamma Delta Girl
Estelle Shepard Beswick
Gamma Chapter at Wesleyan Univ
known as Midge
Grace Mosher Harter
Arcitect of the Alpha Gamma Delta Summer Camp Lodges
Editor of Quarterly for seven years
First woman Architect in Michigan
Emily Helen Butterfield
Historian for 18 years
compiled a portion of The Ritual
Georgia Alberta Dickover
Fell on the ice
Wrote songs
Edith MacConnell Hickok
Chapter Pianist
Flora Knight Mayer
First president and first Grand President
Wore the first badge ever created
Jennie Titus Smith Morris
Recording secretary
Business manager or the Quarterly
Georgia Otis Chapman