The Importance Of Advisory And House Boards

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Advisory and House Boards
Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity is an organization of over 273,000 members and 140 collegiate chapters. These chapters are guided and advised by a collection of advisers who represent the front line of support for our collegiate members. These individuals are relied upon for their knowledge of the position they advise, including protocols as well as the skills and talents required of the officer.

Kappa Kappa Gamma recognizes the important role that trained, high-functioning advisers play in the success of our chapter at Ohio State University. With that in mind, we will spend spring 2017 working to identify volunteers to serve on our Advisory and House Boards.

Alumnae of Ohio State University can provide valuable
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Once identified, an alumna is expected to complete an onboarding process described below.

Advisory Board Training
Given the importance and impact of these individuals, it is crucial that alumnae volunteers who work directly with the chapter are thoroughly trained and competent in their roles. The objectives of the training are threefold:

1) Define expectations of advisers toward the advising, mentoring and guiding of chapter officers in conducting the business of their chapter.
2) Provide and facilitate position-specific information and a platform for honest dialogue about the opportunities and challenges of communication, behaviors and operations.
3) Build a stronger, more immediate connection to new and existing advisers and provide a more significant foundation of competency and knowledge, which increases the likelihood of immediate success and long-term retention.

The approach used is a multifaceted development program that is aimed at building skills, knowledge and abilities. Various methods are utilized, including a combination of online learning, structured conversations, experiential learning, and facilitator-led
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Accordingly, Kappa Kappa Gamma strictly prohibits any form of hazing, which the Fraternity broadly defines as any activity or action taken with or without consent of the individual involved that produces mental, emotional, psychological or physical discomfort, intimidation, humiliation, degradation, embarrassment, harassment or ridicule. In addition to the Fraternity’s hazing policy, members are reminded that they are also subject to local, state/provincial, and federal law and the rules and regulations of the college or university where a Kappa Kappa Gamma chapter is located. Any member who participates in or permits hazing, as defined by Fraternity policy, federal, state or local laws, rules or regulations, or university policy, rules or regulations, is subject to dismissal or other disciplinary

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