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(1) Irritability & thirst
(2) Scanty painful urination
B.98 C.120 Dr.15
dàn zhú yè 淡竹葉
(zhú yè)
(1) Clears heat & eliminates irritability [Irritability & thirst*, mouth sores, swollen painful gums d/t heat in HT or ST; Light, gentle, disperses constrained Heat ]
(2) Promotes urination & clears damp-heat [Scanty painful urination*, irritability, esp d/t SI]
(N) Not true bamboo [*More of a helper; all bamboos can be used for mild UTIs/Damp-Heat in lower jiao]

No noted CTX

dàn(light in color, weak, tasteless) zhú(bamboo) yè(leaf)
Lophatheri Herba
lophatherum stem and leaves
sweet, bland, cold
(1) Red swollen eyes d/t WH in LV channel
B.116 C.128 Dr.17
gǔ jīng cǎo 穀精草

(1) Disperses wind-heat, brightens eyes, & eliminates superficial visual obstruction [Red swollen eyes d/t WH in LV channel*, photosensitivity, spots in front of eyes, WH throat bi or HA or toothache; Very good for eyes]
(N) Gentle, soothing, moistening herb [*Lightening, easing; Can be used by itself as tea to relieve tired eyes ]

CTX: Eye conditions d/t blood defic

gǔ(grain) jīng(essence) cǎo(herb)
Eriocauli Flos
pipewort scapus and inflorescence
sweet, neutral
(1) Red swollen painful eyes
(2) HA
(3) Chronic constipation
(4) Lowers BP & serum cholesterol
B.111 C.803 Dr.16
jué míng zǐ 決明子

(1) Clears LV & eyes [Red swollen painful eyes* d/t heat or WH in LV channel; Any eye problems, balances, soothes, clears, resolves eyeball, optic nerve, & eye structures ]
(2) Calms LV & anchors errant yang [HA*, dizziness, hypertension, migraines ]
(3) Moistens intestines & unblocks bowels [Chronic constipation*, infrequent stools, esp d/t LV yin defic; Weak affect here ]
(4) Prevents atherosclerosis [Lowers BP & serum cholesterol*, long term softens & reduces plaque]

CTX: SP defic diarrhea, is cold laxative

jué(unhampered certainty) míng(clarity of eyes) zǐ(seeds)
Cassiae Semen
cassia seed
bitter, sweet, salty, sl cold
(1) Dry mouth
(2) Scanty difficult urine
(3) Measles
B.106 C.117 Dr.14
lú gēn 蘆根
(xiān lú gēn, wĕi jīng)
(1) Clears heat & generates fluids [Dry mouth*, thirst, dry throat; a favorite to generate fluids]
(2) Clears heat & promotes urination [Scanty difficult urine*, dysuria, dark urine, blood in urine, edema, diarrhea with dark scanty urine ]
(3) Encourages rashes to surface [Measles*, febrile dz w/ rashes early stages; other herbs are better]
(N) Primary use is to generate fluids, poor distribution of fluids d/t SP qi defic [*Also thick, sticky, hard to expectorate LU phlegm]

Mild Caution: Cold d/t defic SP ST

lú(reed) gēn(rhizome)
Phragmitis Rhizoma
reed rhizome
sweet, cold
(1) Red swollen painful eyes
B.114 C.126 Dr.17
mì méng huā 密蒙花

(1) Clears LV, brightens eyes, & reduces superficial visual obstruction [Red swollen painful eyes*, excessive tearing, sensitivity to light, superficial visual obstruction]

No noted CTX

mì(dense) méng(cover) huā(flower)
Buddlejae Flos
Buddleia flower bud
sweet, sl cold
(1) Red painful swollen eyes
(2) HBP
B.113 C.127 Dr.16
qīng xiāng zǐ 青葙子

(1) Clears wind-heat, drains LV fire, & improves vision [Red painful swollen eyes* d/t either WH or LV fire, cataracts]
(2) Hypertension d/t LV yang rising [HBP*, hypertension]

CTX: Glaucoma, dilates eye pupils

qīng(green or blue, natural) xiāng(celosiae) zǐ(seed)
Celosiae Semen
celosia seed
sweet, sl cold
(1) Very high big fever w/out chills
(2) Excess bronchitis
(3) Swollen painful gums
(4) Burns
(N) Fever thirst sweating pulse
B.89 C.108 Dr.13
shí gāo 石膏

(1) Clears heat & drains fire [Very high big fever w/out chills*, big sweat, big thirst, big flooding pulse, irritability, red tongue yellow coat; Excess in Qi & Yangming level]
(2) Clears heat from excess from LU [Excess bronchitis* or pneumonia, cough wheezing w/ fever & thick sputum]
(3) Clears blazing ST fire [Swollen painful gums*, HA, toothache]
(4) For eczema, burns, & ulcerated sores [Burns*, eczema, ulcerated sores; Use as external paste as well as internal ]
(N) Four bigs [Fever thirst sweating pulse*; Heat in qi level (ie 4 levels)/yangming (ie 6 levels); Leave high fevers to doctors]

CTX: Cold from SP ST defic, fever from yin defic, prolonged use to cause Cold in LU ST SP

shí(stone) gāo(paste)
Gypsum fibrosum
crystalline gypsum (sulfate mineral)
sweet, spicy, very cold
(1) Thirst
(2) Dry cough
(3) Breast abscess
(N) Common for cancer
B.108 C.115 Dr.67
tiān huā fěn 天花粉

(1) Drains heat & generates fluids (esp st) [Thirst* d/t febrile heat or yin defic, wasting & thirsting, irritability, ST heat fire ]
(2) Clears & drains LU heat, transforms phlegm, & moistens LU dryness [Dry cough*, bronchitis, phlegm heat above diaphragm esp when leads to dryness ]
(3) Resolves toxicity & expels pus [Breast abscess*, skin boils, hot sores, abscesses, carbuncles, antimicrobial; good for breaking up phlegm & phlegm nodules]
(N) Anti-cancer, lowers HGC hormone, slippery in nature, helps relieve hangover [Common for cancer]

CTX: Avoid with fu zi family; Caution SP ST defic cold

tiān(heaven, sky) huā(flower) fěn(powder)
Trichosanthis Radix
trichosanthes root
bitter, sl sweet, cold
ClHt-DrFire, TraPhlg-HotPhlegm
(1) Red painful swollen eyes
(2) Any neck lump or nodule
(3) HBP
B.102 C.124 Dr.15
xià kū cǎo 夏枯草

(1) Clears LV fire & brightens eyes [Red painful swollen eyes*, HA, dizziness, eye pain neither red nor swollen increasing in evening d/t LV defic; Very good for eye conditions ]
(2) Clears heat & dissipates nodules [Any neck lump or nodule*, swollen lymph glands, lipomas, scrofula, goiter, ganglion cysts ]
(3) Hypertension [HBP*, esp d/t LV fire rising; does not lower BP below normal as does Ju Hua]

CTX: pregnancy; Caution: SP ST defic

xià(summer) kū(withered) cǎo(herb)
Prunellae Spica
bitter, spicy, cold
(1) High fever
(2) Night sweats
(3) Oral ulcers
(4) Drying herb examples huang qi, gui zhi, fu zi
B.92 C.111 Dr.13
zhī mǔ 知母

(1) Clears heat & drains fire [High fever*, thirst, pulse, d/t excess heat in LU ST, cough w/ thick yellow sputum; Equal in strength to shí gāo, big sweat not listed]
(2) Enriches yin & moistens dryness [Night sweats*, 5-center heat, steaming bone dz, irritability, afternoon or low-grade fevers, bleeding gums; Defic KD Yin not moistening LU]
(3) Generates fluids & clears heat [Oral ulcers*, wasting&thirsting dz, d/t St yin deficiency, NOT damp heat ]
(4) Ameliorates dryness of tonifying or warming substances [Drying herb examples huang qi, gui zhi, fu zi]

CTX: Cold from SP ST defic, diarrhea

zhī(know, be aware, realize) mǔ(mother)
Anemarrhenae Rhizoma
anemarrhena rhizome
bitter, sweet, cold
(1) Irritability
(2) UTI
(3) Nosebleed
(4) Sprains
B.95 C.121 Dr.14
zhī zǐ 山梔子
(shān zhī zǐ)
(1) Drains heat & eliminates irritability [Irritability*, fever, delirious speech, restlessness, insomnia, stifling chest]
(2) Clears heat & resolves dampness [UTI*, jaundice, mouth or facial sores, hepatitis, cholecystitis, d/t damp heat, 3-jiao]
(3) Cools blood & resolves toxicity [Nosebleed*, blood in vomit, stool, urine, boils, acne; Pulls heat out of skin & blood, good anti-microbial ]
(4) Reduces swelling & moves blood stasis due to trauma [Sprains*, strains, bruises; Ext app only, powder w/ egg white & celluphane ]
(N) Clears heat from all 3 jiao – UJ MJ LJ [*Very good for taking heat out w/out messing anything else up]

CTX: Cold from SP ST defic, diarrhea, loose stools

shān(mountain) zhī(gardenia) zĭ(seed)
Gardeniae Fructus
gardenia fruit
bitter, cold