Origanum Majorana Case Study

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: Origanum majorana L. widely used in Jordan and other Mediterranean countries as a flavoring and herbal spice. An infusion of the plant is used for treatment of internal diseases, haemorrhoids, pains, and animal bites and poisons. In this study, I attempted to identify the possible antinociceptive action of Origanum majorana methanol leaf extract using tail immersion, hot plate, and writhing tests. The antinociceptive effect of the methanol extract of Origanum majorana (MEO) leaves was assessed after intraperitoneal administration into mice. Morphine sulfate (5 mg/kg; i.p.) and diclofenac (10 mg/kg; i.p.) were used as reference analgesic agents. Naloxone (5 mg/kg; i.p.) was also tested. MEO was studied at the doses of 50, 100, and 200 mg/kg …show more content…
Opioid. methanol extract. mice.

1. Introduction
Origanum majorana, commonly known in our region as " Mardakoush ", is an aromatic, perennial, herbaceous plant native to southern Europe and the Mediterranean area and belonging to the family Lamiaceae [1]. The plant has been used as a flavoring and herbal spice from time immemorial. Steam distillation of leaves and flower heads yields a volatile oil, known in the trade as oil of Sweet marjoram, widely used in flavoring food and also in perfumery [2-4].

Origanum majorana has a wide use in traditional medicine in Jordan and other arebian countries. Origanum majorana tea (extract of its leaves and flowers) has been prescribed in folkloric medicine for relieving the symptoms of hay fever, sinus congestion, indigestion, asthma, stomach pain, headache, dizziness, colds, coughs, internal diseases, haemorrhoids, animal bites and poisons, and nervous disorders. The unsweetened tea can also be used as a mouthwash or gargle. Further, Origanum majorana leaves can be used in folkloric medicine as a poultice for the pain of rheumatism and for sprains. The oil from the leaves is also used to relieve toothache pain [5,6,2-4]. Many studies demonstrated that Origanum majorana has

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