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Where do Buddy and his friend keep their money?
It is in a beaded puse under a chamber pot under a floorboard under her bed.
Who does not receive a fruitcake from Buddy and his friend?
The relative tht he live with.
What is important to Buddy's friend?
Even though she does not go to church, she has strong feelings about God.
Why does Buddy compare his friend to a bantam hen?
She is small and sprightly.
How does Buddy feel about his other relatives?
They are unimportant. He barely acknowledges them
What is a description of Buddy's friend in her relationship with othrers?
She is generous, giving fruitcakes, sharing her time
Buddy and his

Buddy and his friend do many activiteis together, including fluing kites and making decorations. What is something that they do not do?
They do not travel together
What finally separates Buddy and his friend?
He is sent to militry school
What does the quote "A morning arrives...when she cannot rouse herself to exclaim, "Oh my, it's fruitcake weather!'"
She has died.
What sense does "A straw cartwheel coursaged with velvet roses out-of-doors has faded..." appeal
Which sense does "Sweet, oily, ivory meat mounts in the milk-glass bowl
sight and touch
What sense does "a hateful heap of bitter-odored pennies" appeal?
What sense does words tumbling together into a wrathful tune" appeal
What custom is an important part of the setting of the story?
making and giving gifts
What expresses the way and author feels?
What expresses the way the author tries to make the reader feel?
What customs of the characters hel show the time and place of the story
Eating hominy grits for Christmas breakfast.
Buddy and his friend go many places together such ast the forest and the riverside cafe. Where is one place they do not go?
They do not go to chruch.
Complete with a vocabulary word
a cheerful ________
Complete with a vocabulary word
bats, balls and other sprots ______
Complete with a vocabulary word
Rowdy behavior that is deemed _____ in church
Complete with a vocabulary word
a neutral, _____ remark
Complete with a vocabulary word
appalled at the _____ on the battlefield
Complete with a vocabulary word
a company____ its new hiring policy
Complete with a vocabulary word
rundown and
Complete with a vocabulary word
a steep descent taht _____ roller coaster riders
Complete with a vocabulary word
a boring_______ task
Complete with a vocabulary word
light that will ____ the room