Old Christmas Washington Irving Character Analysis

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Thomas S. Monson speaks of the happiness and soul within Christmas. He establishes the way Christmas affects us - spiritually. Not only does Mr. Monson’s quote remind readers of the joy within Christmas, Washington Irving’s short story, “Old Christmas,” sets the scene of Christmas and creates the heartwarming feeling of Christmas within the readers. “Old Christmas” is a story in which Washington Irving experiences Christmas in the old days and the modern days. He captures his grand, memories of old Christmas - the loving hearts and joyous smiles, and he awakens readers to the problem within their modern society and how they have forgotten cheerful traditions of the past. Irving exposes readers to the problem in which the new generation has lost and forgotten the character within old Christmas. Washington Irving uses personification, imagery, and description to set up the problem.
Personification is a tool used to
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But in the depth of winter, when nature lies despoiled of every charm, and wrapped in her shroud of sheeted snow, we turn for our gratifications to moral sources.”(Irving 1). These faint hints of personification show readers the contrast between the seasons and how, during Christmas Time, when weather is at it’s worst - we are more open hearted. Readers realize that although winter brings the worst weather, they are happier and more joyful due to Christmas. Irving wants to show readers what Christmas in the old days means to him, and how it was “obliterated by modern fashion”(1). Irving talks about the way the bird sang, and the way spring smelt to remind readers of the pleasures Spring holds. Later on in the quote Irving speaks of summer, then fall, then winter. He sets up his writing to show readers the pleasures of winter, which leads to Christmas. Which later in the story, he accepts that all the joy & “heartfelt” festivities they

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