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Describe the ROUTE of the Nile River

Begins in east Africa and flows northward into Egypt

The Nile River is the ________ river in the world


What was a disadvantage of the Nile flooding?

The Flood killed people and ruined crops.

The Egyptians determined the Nile would flood....

sometime between May and September

Why were calendars important to Egyptians?

So they were able to count the days in between the Nile flood to prepare

Why did Egyptians find understanding the flood cycles important to their civilization?

They found it was important so they could prepare and know when/how it works.

Name the 3 kings that may be responsible for unifying the 2 kingdoms of Egypt?

1) King Menes

2) Manetho

3) Pharaoh

What helped us decode hieroglyphics?

Rosetta Stone - on the stone was a passage written in Greek

What made the Egyptian economy more prosperous?

By trading food or clothes/animals.

What did Egyptian farmers do while the Nile flooded their fields?

They'd tell stories or use the food they stored from surplus harvests to eat

What was different between Egyptians and Sumerians treatment of women?

Egyptian women were treated as Queens and Sumerian weren't treated as well so they battled for women.

List 3 ways Egyptians and Sumerians are alike

1) Both civilizations made rights for women

2) They both have new languages (a form of writing)

3) They both worshipped many gods

How is the and of Nubia different from the land of Egypt?

They are different because Nubia built pyramids but much smaller and had a distinctive style

Why did Egyptians want granite blocks from Nubia's northern region?

To use in building their temples

What was different about how Egyptians farmed compared to Nubians?

The Egyptians farm all day and Nubians only a little bit of time.