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State the purpose of Impaired Training and Education Report (ITER) Policy and Reporting Procedures

To establish the process for reporting conditions that may reduce the ability to train and/or educate personnel, and to seek assistance from their chain of command when necessary.

List the N codes within NETC that the Learning Center shall address

-N1: Total Force Manpower

-N4: Facilities and Logistics

-N6: Chief Information Officer

-N7: Learning and Development

-N8: Resources, Requirements, and Assessments

State who will draft the NETC response for ITERS


Explain ITER conditions Red
-Cancels or Stops training/education entirely.
-Degrades NEC-producing training to the point it can't be awarded.

Explain ITER conditions Yellow

-Delayed or cancelled classes
-Degradation in the ability to meet quality of instruction
-Failure to instruct critical LOs, etc.
(If appropriate action is not taken)

List the 6 ITER types

-F acilities
-E quipment
-P ersonnel
-C urricula
-A mmunition
-C orrection

List 3 ITER categories

-I nitial
-U pdate

Define a Missed Training Opportunity (MTO)
Command's loss of a course quota
List 5 examples of a MTO- Doesn't Report

A command has a quota for a student who doesn't report for a course and they don't provide a replacement.

List 5 examples of a MTO- Quota Canceled
4 or fewer working days prior to course convening, command cancels a granted quota without providing a replacement.
List 5 examples of a MTO- Course Prerequisites
Doesn't meet course prerequisites. (Doesn't have needed waiver/ can't produce required documentation)
List 5 examples of a MTO- Student Absent
Can't obtain course credit due to the extent of their absence.
List 5 examples of a MTO- Student Recall
Can't obtain course credit due to command's recall of student.
Who has the responsibility to report a MTO
TSCs/TSDs will submit MTO Reports, via naval message with each command that created an MTO, 'listed as an action addressee and each command's ISIC, TYCOM, and NETC listed and an information addressee'.

How often is the MTO data gathered and in what format is this data sent

Weekly MTO Report, via Navy Message

Explain the purpose of Casualty Reporting (CASREP)
Designed to support the CNO and fleet commanders in the management of assigned forces. Provides equipment status to operational commanders and support personnel. 'Alerts the Naval Safety Center for incidents which are crucial in mishap prevention. The effective utilization and support of U.S. Navy units require an up-to-date, accurate operational status'.
Explain the use of the following- Initial CASREP
(To an appropriate level of detail)
Identifies the status of the casualty, parts and/or assistance requirements. 'This information is essential to allow operational and staff authorities to apply resources at the proper priority'.
Explain the use of the following- Update CASREP
Contains similar info submitted in INITIAL CASREP and/or submits changes to previously submitted info.
Explain the us of the following- Correction CASREP
Submitted when CASREP equipment is repaired and back in operational condition.
Explain the us of the following- Cancellation CASREP
Submitted upon availability period (overhaul) when equipment is scheduled for repair. Outstanding casualties not to be repaired, shall be subject to normal follow-up procedures as specified, not cancelled.