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How many main parts make up the construction of the standard screwdriver?


What makes a standard screwdriver different from a Phillips head screwdriver?

Tip is shaped different

The Stillson adjustable wrench is equipped with how many jaws?


What provides gripping ability on the Stillson adjustable wrench?

Serrated teeth

When a definite force must be applied to a nut or bolt head, what tool must be used?

Torque wrench

The hinges on bolt cutters should be kept?

Lightly greased

What tool can be used as a lever for moving heavy objects short distances?

Wrecking bar

The term pneumatic describes what type of power source?


Excessive air pressure when utilizing pneumatic tools will result in?

Damage to the tool

The average size electric drill is equipped with what capacity, 3 fingered chuck?


Where exact measurements are required, what measuring tool is used?


A dynamometer is an apparatus used to determine?

Breaking strength

Uses for the dynamometer May include determining the breaking strength of the tensioning system of what equipment on shore?


Before portable electrical tools are used for the time after procurement, they should be inspected by?

Safety officer

Handheld portable electric tools authorized for use onboard ship shall be equipped with?

ON/OFF switch

Extension cords should be no longer than 25 ft in length except when used on what class ship?


What is the mechanical advantage of the gym tackle?


It is imperative that equipment be stowed in its assigned area for what reason?


The pnuematic chipping hammer is another tool useful to the ABH when scaling?

Large areas

On a steel or tape rule, the long line represents?

Inch mark

What should be done to prevent tape or fiber glass rules from kinking?

Pulled straight from the case

Before portable electrical tools are used for the first time after procurement, they should be inspected by?

Electrical safety officer