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a swelling or enlargement of a part of an artery resulting from weakness of the arterial wall
inability to understand or produce speech
experiencing a warning sense prior to an event
brain stem
controls basic body functions such as breathing and blood pressure
controls muscle and coordination
part of the brain above the cerebellum divided into two parts
weakness on one side of the body
low blood glucose level
loss of bowel or bladder control
lack of oxygen that causes cells to not function properly
postictal state
period following a seizure that typically includes labored respirations and altered mental status
a temporary alteration in consciousness, classified as generalized, partial, or status elilepticus
status epilepticus
a seizure lasting longer than 30 mins
an interruption of blood flow to the brain that results in a loss of brain function
transient ischemic attack
stroke symptoms that go away in less than 24 hours
a ___ is typically characterized by unconsciousness and a generalized severe twitching of all the bodys muscles that lasts several minutes or longer
the ___ controls the most basic functions of the body, such as breathing blood pressure, swallowing, and pupil constriction
brain stem
at each vertebrae in the neck and back____ nerves, called spinal nerves branch out from the spinal cord and carry signals to and from the body
when blood flow to a particular part of the brain is cut off by a blockage inside a blood vessel, the result is
an ischemic stroke
patients who are at the highest risk of hemorrhagic stroke are whose who have
untreated hypertension
patients with a subarachnoid hemorrhage typically complain of a sudden severe
the plaque that builds up in atherosclerosis obstructs blood flow and interferes with the vessels ability to
a TIA, or mini-stroke, is the name given to a stroke when symptoms go away on their own in less than
24 hours
patients with a decreased level of consciousness should not be given anything by
hypoglycemia can mimic conditions such as
when assessing a patient with a history of seizure activity, it is important to determine
if this episode differs from any previous ones
signs and symptoms of possible seizure activity include
altered mental status
muscle rigidity and twitching
common causes of altered mental status include
body temp abnormalities
the principle difference between a patient who has had a stroke and a patient with hypoglycemia almost always has to do with
mental status
consider the possibility of ___ in a patient who has had a seizure
____ are the second most common type of headache and are thought to be caused by changes in blood vessel size in the base of the brain
migraine headaches
headache, vomiting, altered mental status, and seizures are all considered early signs of
increased intercranial pressure
people with ____ have a higher risk of hemmorrhagic stroke
uncontrolled hypertension
headaches caused by muscle contractions in the head and neck are typically associated with
tension headache