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Integumentary System
Insulates, protects, temperature and water regulation
Skeletal System
Provides support for body
Muscular System
Creates and limites movement, moves food along the digestive tract and circulates blood.
Nervous System
Controls and regulates all systems of the body
Endocrine System
Works with nervous system through the hypothalamus
Cardiovascular System
Circulates blood to and from the cells of the body
Lymphatic System
Drains tissue spaces of excess ISF, absorbs fats from the intestines, protects body from disease
Respiratory System
Brings oxygen to and eliminates carbon dioxide from the blood
Digestive System
Absorbs nutrients from food and eliminates indigestible wastes
Urinary System
Rids body of waste and excess water
Reproductive System
Allows for the process of conception, pregnancy and birth