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Year Round Schooling

For the most part most public schools these days attend school for 9 months. With the allowed breaks and holidays it averages out to be about 180 days out of the 365 in a given year. Children attend school for approximately half of the year. This schedule is enough to get an average child in and out of school in 13 years. When the phrase/words year round schooling are brought to someone’s attention the problem people usually see is that they think there child is in school for a full year. Actually, year round schooling is more of an organizational change in the schools system rather than a full extension of their learning. Lately there has been debating going on whether children should attend school for half
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They are not enormously better than children in traditional schooling but they tend to be just as good as or slightly better. “The students, parents, and staff that participate in year-round schools are quite positive about the experience” (M. McCabe). The fact that children are getting a well rounded education all year long really makes parents more secure about there child’s education. Over a larger time frame, children in year round schooling districts seem to progress more. Another benefit of year round schooling is that it helps children that are not as gifted as others. It allows them to have more time to learn. It also helps children with academic problems and children in low income families. This helps children because it lowers class sizes due to the tracking system which allows children to have more one on one attention with the teacher.

Another problem that has been found with traditional schooling is the three months break that schools give every year during the summer usually. “The common belief is that a three-month summer break contributes to students’ forgetting what they have learned the previous year” (M. McCabe). This is a problem because at the beginning of the next school year, teachers usually take about two weeks to about a month reviewing the material that children had learned the previous year. Some schools even have there whole first unit and first

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