Essay on Workplaces Need Wellnes Programs

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The purpose of this document is to recommend the implementation of a workplace wellness program such as intramural sports teams in order to facilitate the association between the existing company members and newly acquired members. Being an “outsider” trying to enter an existing group is no easy task for many individuals. Nervousness can often suppress that individual’s ability to be effective in the workplace setting in being able to focus on the task at hand. It would be my responsibility, with great honour, to encourage socialization between the existing team and newly acquired colleagues. It is critical, in my opinion, to help them feel at ease in any group setting so they can contribute to our company just as much as any other …show more content…
In addition, the Wellness Council of America found that for every dollar an organization spent on employee health initiatives, they could expect to receive an average of $5.00 in reduced costs due to improved productivity, reduced absenteeism and better medical insurance rates. In conclusion to these numbers, it is evident that unhealthy employees cost businesses more money.
Implementing a workplace wellness program can greatly improve the overall health of both the personal and business lives of employees, thus improving the business as a whole. According to the latest Sanofi-Aventis healthcare survey, employees can gain countless advantages through workplace sports teams and as any employer knows, the employees are the company’s most valuable asset. Whether it’s baseball, soccer, flag football or ultimate Frisbee and whether it’s played competitively or not, team sports can develop a wide range of skills and attitudes comprising of leadership, cooperation, problem solving, decision-making, social interaction, trust, respect, and most importantly, teamwork. This carries on to the workplace as well, resulting in increased employee efficiency and productivity, increased employee physical and mental health, and most importantly, increased employee collaboration, essentially eliminating employee isolation.
The two finite required resources of life – time and money, would not be an issue with this recommendation. Sports such as soccer, flag football and ultimate

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