Women are Changing the Internet Essays

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Women are changing the Internet

Women are leading the internet by having a higher engagement with social networking sites more than men. Women spend 30 percent more time on social networking sites than men. Computer interaction use to be dominated by males in the 80’s and 90’s because women spent less time on computers. Women are not using the websites to find out how many crushes they have online, they appeal to the friendly environment of making friends and sharing information. A number of women are using the sites for a more serious use. These uses consist of professional networking, staying up to date with friends and family, promote business, research product or services and get advice. All of this usage is a growing popularity
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Women use online blogging sites as a source of information, recommendations, and opinion sharing that keep them on the cutting edge of something new and a great way to invest their time in searching for new products and ideas online.

Women face different challenges in the corporate world. For example, being undervalued. Women feel this way because they feel that their ability is being undermined to facing tough choices of work life balancing by having to choose between their career and family life. Through online networking women are meeting, sharing, and connecting in other ways than their counterpart. In an effort to make a more personalize professional network, women create a friendship that result in a lasting business relationship which is a building block for future business, sale leads, jobs and partnership. Multitasking is one common way of life for women; it is the ability to allow a person to perform more than one task at the same time. Women have allowed social networking to reach out in a way that easily fits into her busy schedule. Social networking sites entice users to spend money. Women are the primary spender in households, which make them the prime target for internet marketers. Because women are spending 20 percent more than men, business are directing advertisement from their website to social networking.

The effect of social networking is personal privacy; women know that everything that

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