Ability To Find Information Essay

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If you had to choose between the ability to use the internet to find information or the ability to analyze and interpret information that is given to us, what would you pick? Most people would say the ability to use the internet to find information, but I on the other hand think that the ability to analyze and interpret information that is given to us is important because it’s better understood if we use our own ideas.
The internet is a medium that somehow changes our minds in a way. It seems that our brains remember certain parts of things we have watched or read that’s on the internet and we remember it. In Nicholas Carr essay he talks about how the computers change our memory to think from the internet. It seems that we are more intelligent
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I say that because you aren’t basing your ideas off of something that you have read but you are coming up with different ideas and trying to mold them into one. We are actually given a chance to analyze and interpret information that is given to us. When I think about this it makes me think about math. If we are given a math problem asking about what is 2(6+389) ×900-56, we have to use our critical thinking skills to try to solve it. If you know what older to go in you would be able to find out the information. The way you remember is how you go back into old memories on when you learned how to different math problems like this. So you start to interrupt and analyze the information. While you doing that you remember about PEMDAS so you start to solve the math equation and come up with the answer 710,944. Might want to double check your answer to make sure it’s right so that’s what you do. If P stands for parenthesis you know that 6+389 is 395 and then you times that by 2 and get 790. Since E stands for exponents and you notice you don’t have any so you skip that step and go to M which stands for multiplication and you multiply 790 by 900 and get 711,000. D stands for divide but you have nothing to divide so you go to A which stands for addition and still don’t have anything to add. So you go to the last letter which is S and that stands for subtract so now you have to do 711,000-56 and you get your answer of

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