Essay about Why High Schools Should Offer Auto mechanic Programs

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Ever since 1917, Auto Mechanics have been a major priority to most people through transportation. This career field is very important to human civilization because people must have some kind of transportation every day for work, food, and just everyday needs (Weintraub page# 9). Schools should provide the opportunity for students to complete an automotive repair program, because students who complete these programs most likely will be given a chance to start at an entry-level position as a technician. Another advantage with these programs is that by completing recognized mechanics programs throughout high school, it allows students to convert it to a year of on the job experience. It is essential for high schools to include a mechanics …show more content…
The fascination with the automobile grew very rapidly as more and more people began to use them. Furthermore, during the early twentieth century, many businesses that produced automobiles began to spread throughout the United States (Weintraub Page# 10). During the beginning of automobiles, if something were to break most people could fix the problem with basic mechanics. Because engines became more complicated, the need for specialized mechanics rose. As the cars advanced, so did the technology along with them. This made repairs very difficult, which lead to the need of auto mechanics. Before the first world war, the Ford Motor Company perfected mass production. The price of a model T decreased as supplies could meet the demand. The hours for assembly decreased from 12 hours down to only 1 ½ hours. This caused the worker’s wages to increase greatly by 1915 and Ford was already selling half a million vehicles a year (A Brief History of The Auto).
Most people don’t understand that a mechanic and a technician are two totally different positions. Anyone can use the term mechanic just by having a hand full of tools, but an actual mechanic has to have proper training and even then the majority are only
Carter 6 known as a parts changer. This is a mechanic who does not diagnose the problems, but just swaps out whatever he or she is told. Furthermore, in the past mechanics used

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