Essay on What you Need to Know to Prepare for the Fire Academy

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There are not very many Jobs that are a glamorous then the ones that are held by our nation’s firemen. They are the men and women who go diving into the heart of the deadly situation when everyone else’s instinct kicks in and are fleeing for their lives. Fire departments are responsible to aid in the protection of lives, property and the environment. Most people do not understand or have any idea about how firemen do their jobs or go about their days. “Ron Howard tried his best to depict firefighting in his movie “Backdraft”. But even he admitted that he had to take liberties with the truth. He sent his actors, crew and himself through training with the Chicago Fire Department. He discovered that firefighting is dark and dangerous. It is …show more content…
When preparing to go through the fire academy you have to be in peak physical shape. Also along with being in shape physically it is even more important that a recruit is prepared mentally. Physical fitness of a fireman is not to be taken for granted. Being a firefighter is a herculean task. So to increase the effectiveness of the man’s ability and help him grapple with the physical demands of their profession, they are put through uncompromising tests. These men have to ready for any situation from saving a cat from a tree, a full blown wilderness fire, to sifting through the rubble of a major building collapse to look for survivors. Just to qualify to get into the Fire academy you have to pass an agility exam. According the CPAT test (Candidate Physical Ability test) which measures the capabilities of recruits, the recruit has to pass a test that covers 8 basic skills.
The CPAT test includes first a Stair climb: “This portion of the CPAT requires the tester to wear a 12.5-pound on each shoulder, replicating the weight of a high-risk pack (the hose bundle). The participant then warms up for twenty seconds at a rate of 50 steps per minute on a stair climbing machine. After the warm-up, the tester immediately begins the times portion of the test, lasting three minutes with a 60-step-per-minute stepping rate. This test is designed to mimic the

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