What Is Effective Leadership? Essay

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Introduction: Leadership is the art of influencing others to their maximum performance to accomplish any task, objective or project (Cohen, 1990: 9). "Leadership is an influence process that enables managers to get their people to do willingly what must be done, do well what ought to be done" (Cribbin, 1981).
“Leaders are born not made”, this is the most common assumption used by people when they refer leaders. Leaders tend to have certain inborn quality such as intelligence, courage and humour which together makes a man leader (john Adair 1984). Sir Basil said “it is the job of leaders in industry as elsewhere to get the best, the very best out of everybody.” According to Useem, “Leadership is a matter of making difference. It entails
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The following are four leadership approaches:
1) Power -influence approach:
Power -influence approach attempts to explain the leadership effectiveness through the power possessed by the leader and how a leader exercises its power. Leaders influence their subordinate and employee through their power and influence them to achieve their goals

2) Behaviour approach:
This approach draws attention to the behaviour of leader in their working style. It emphasizes on how leaders behave on the job and behave with their employee.

3) Trait approach:
Personal attributes and qualities of the leaders is emphasized in trait approach. Leaders have special traits like motivation skill, communication skill and decision making power

4) Situational approach:
The situational approach concentrate on different people with different skill and quality emerged as a leader in different situation. The person who becomes the leader knows what best to do in the particular situation. Situational approach is best to know the leadership effectiveness through situation.
Styles of leadership: Every leader has its own way of doing things. Leadership is a process and it has many different functions. The style of leadership is different and has an unique attitude which a leader uses to achieve its objectives and goals. The following are few most important style of leadership.
1) Autocratic style of leadership: In autocratic leadership all the power possess in the hands of the

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