What Does Your Home Say About You? Essay examples

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What does home mean to you? Does it signify security, contentment, or perhaps relaxation and comfort? Your home environment is just an extension of you and your family’s unique personality. You can do what you please in your own home, without fear of rejection or judgment from outsiders. You can have a garden, or even paint the walls fuchsia, if that’s your thing. The fact that you can decorate your very own space is a great feeling.
Sometimes something as simple as a splash of color on a round rug can change up the look and feel to an otherwise “tired” room. Round rugs are so versatile and can be utilized in a plethora of decorating situations. They can be used to warm up the room, or to brighten it up. Round outdoor rugs are
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They can breathe new life into it, and allow you to be unique and re-invent the room, without spending extra money on renovating.

An elegant Persian rug or Oriental rug on a beautiful wooden floor and can be used as the central focal point in the dining or living room, inviting comfort and relaxation for family and guests. Hate to get rid of that old table that Aunt Dorothy gave you? Dress up that much-loved coffee or dining table by placing an eye-catching braided rug underneath it. They create beauty and style to any atmosphere. Wall-to-wall, or area rugs can re-vamp it into a whole new living space.

Rugs can be great in play rooms and kid’s bedrooms. They come in all both functional and whimsical patterns of fun. They can reflect a child’s personality and their favorite sport, cartoons and hobbies. You can coordinate a beautiful dark shag rug decoration of stars with wallpaper, wall and ceiling art. Some even hang a matching round rug on the wall to tie the theme together. Your small child or teen will be proud to invite friends over and be ever so much more comfortable and relaxed while doing homework or studying. Also good to remember is they can be changed out as often as your child grows and matures. Perhaps they can also change them out with the seasons.

Sometimes people forget spaces like the bathrooms, foyers and landings. Houseguests will feel instantly warmed and welcomed with a luxurious wool rug in the hallway, or an elegant,

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