We Must Become Culturally Aware Essay

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Red, white and blue, filled with such false pride. Flag colors and skin colors, they would have you divide. Black brother from black brother, and black men from white, manipulating colors to instigate a fight. From the Bloods to the Crips, to the white supremacists, they are soul-mates of hate in an ironic twist. They fail to view life’s colors in high definition. They opt to see their lives in black and white television. They mistakenly believe that it’s the colors that bind, lost within the duotone prisons of their minds. Perhaps they’ll escape the chains that have locked down their brains, and begin to see other hues than just the red, white and blues.
– (McCullough, 2011)
Critical Threshold
'Twas mercy brought me from my Pagan land,
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In 1619, a boat carrying twenty slaves from the Caribbean landed in Jamestown, Virginia; these people were called African Americans, notably because they were the first Africans documented on American soil. These initial twenty slaves were sold to tobacco farms and by the 1700’s slavery was rampant in America. Coming to America was not glorious adventure. Slaves aboard ships were chained to one another to stop revolts, jammed in the hull, and statistically more than one in five slaves aboard the ship did not survive the harsh conditions. When slaves came down with diseases, which occurred often due to the horrid conditions, they were thrown overboard. Proper hygiene was not an important issue as slaves shared communal buckets to relieve themselves; these buckets oftentimes were kicked over and left laying on the ground for days in the hot and humid weather. Slaves oftentimes were unable to reach the communal buckets and relieved themselves where they were shackled. Slaves were whipped and beaten, regarded as the lowest of human society. It was not uncommon for slaves to try and commit suicide by starvation and jumping overboard when given the chance. What is now considered the Carolina’s and Georgia is where slavery in America was at its deepest. African American slaves were put to work on sugar, tobacco, rice and cotton plantations. Mason (2006) states “black slaves worked

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