Video Games Our Responsability to Our Children Essay

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Many parents today say that video games are dangerous to their children because they increase the risk of childhood obesity and exposure to violence. I believe that this statement is both viable and completely ludicrous at the same time. Out of the many topics that I can argue on, I believe that I can argue this one the best. I am going to reveal the deeper meaning that lies buried underneath the controversy that presents itself in this subject. I have witnessed many outcomes that are associated with this beloved form of entertainment. I have personal experience with video games and what impact they might have on children who play them without proper constraints. Everyone either agrees or disagrees with this topic one way or another. For …show more content…
and less on physical activities. Yes, when a child gets his or her hands on a video game that is violent, it is usually not suitable for their age. This means that the game might be imperiling1 to them, and it may have a serious effect. I agree that there are some extremely violent and offensively graphic games on the market and unfortunately, some kids do play them. However, if you are a parent that frets that such games will ruin your child, the simplicity of it is this: Instead of claiming that games are destructive, try not letting your child observe them in your home. Most parents today are too busy putting games and television shows on blast to stop and contemplate what role they are playing in the whole situation. They do not realize that they are responsible for things their children see, television shows their children watch, video games they play, and amounts of time spent on both. Yet they want to subject the industries that are providing this entertainment, with proper parental guidance labels mind you, to various insults and even lawsuits. They blame these video games for making their children fat; in my opinion, if they forced their child to eat better and exercise instead of “vegging” out in front of a television all day, this would not be a problem, now would it? It is ridiculous. Video games have a parental guidance label for a reason, yet these parents seem to neglect it. It makes you wonder how far unintelligence will stoop.
Furthermore, we all can

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