Essay on Video Analysis of Color Adjustment

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Marlon T. Riggs’ video, Color Adjustment, offers the viewer an exciting trip though the history of television, focusing on the representation, or lack thereof, of African-Americans. A perfectly chosen combination of television producers, actors, sociologists, and cultural critics join forces to offer insight and professional opinion about the status of African-Americans in television since the inception of television itself. As Color Adjustment traces the history of television shows from Amos n’ Andy and Julia to "ghetto sitcoms" and The Cosby Show, the cast of television professionals and cultural critics discuss the impacts those representations have on both the African-American community and our society as a whole. Color Adjustment …show more content…
Footage of race riots shown has clips of Bewitched interspersed within; Vietnam War footage is contrasted with images from The Brady Bunch. These are powerful contrasts, and serve to make the viewer aware of the incongruities placed before them on the television. I did not grow up in this era, and most of the television I have grown up with has represented society (for me) to the extent that television, a mostly entertainment medium, does. I didn’t grow up in a nuclear family, or have successful parents, or parents at all really, yet I could find images on television that I could respond to. The middle class American dream was something I found appealing, and I thought everyone else did too. This video made me realize that programs like The Cosby Show that represent African-American middle-class may not be "positive" for everyone to see. In my thinking, I saw this show as positive for everyone, especially African-Americans. It showed success and formed positive images for children. Yet, this type of family and the issues they discussed might not be pertinent to all African-Americans or everyone of any race. There are people in society of all races who struggle and fail. There are not any ‘successful’ television shows for these kinds of people. Color Adjustment allowed me to step outside my own life, a life where I have had to struggle against rough odds. I made it, and

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