Essay Undocumented Immigrants Should NOT Receive Public Assistance

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Introduction There are over twelve million undocumented immigrants living in the United States. Many came to America to work, go to school, or be reunited with family members who are already residing here. Most migrants want to work and pursue the “American dream”. There are many barriers for residents to achieving success at the work and life balance. The immigrants fall back on public assistance to support them.
Immigrants must overcome many barriers to succeed in America. First, migrants frequently must learn a new language. Inability to communicate is a critical barrier for accessing the health care system (Urrutia-Rojas, Marshall, Trevino, Lurie, & Minguia-Bayona, 2006). Second, the processes of work and
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Legal immigrants and refugees retained emergency Medicaid and public health assistance, like for vaccines (Weaver, 2009).
On the other hand, undocumented immigrants were granted no or very limited access to public benefits (Weaver, 2009). Furthermore, beginning in July 2006, as part of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, “all Medicaid recipients are required to present proof of citizenship to continue to receive services” (Lee, 2009).
Immigrants should be more responsible for themselves and their families. Many immigrants come to America seeking the same “dream” that drew our ancestors. The migrants enter the country, seek work, and opportunity. Sometimes they find their lack of education, language barrier, and lack of understanding of the laws and processes in America can lead to a harder more expensive road than they thought. When the dollar doesn’t quite spread as far as they need, these same immigrants apply for and desire the same public assistance programs that I have paid for since I was fourteen. Programs such as Medicaid, food stamps, and Social Security can help the downtrodden and provide healthcare, food, and income allowing the immigrants to remain independent and in America longer in continuous search of “the dream”. These programs seem like free harmless money available to them. This is the tax-payers money. This is my

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