Understanding Genetic Engineering Essay

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Genetic Engineering With the advancement of technology over the years, we as a society have created ways to do things that were completely unimaginable not long ago. These technological advancements have led to the development in medical research and treatment. The things that hospitals can do nowadays are mind blowing on a scale that is ridiculous is size. Technology in the medical field has led to things like cloning, gene splicing, skin grafts, transplants, transfusions, and many more amazing innovations. But some of these medical practices are controversial, debated, and sometimes even banned in the United States of America. One of newest advancements that have only been majorly used in crop and animals so far is genetic engineering. …show more content…
There are special cases already out there where genetic engineering has been used to cure immune deficiency. Side effects? Some of the patients that were treated and had their immune deficiency cured were later diagnosed with leukemia. But what about in prenatal children? Genetic engineering has also been used to save the lives of children and their birth mother in very rare cases but has not quite been used to create a so-called ‘designer baby’. The technology is so close to that stage though that it has sparked debates on whether or not it’s ethical, legal, the consequences, and the possibilities. Parents have the right to do a lot of things when it comes to the decisions that they have to make about their children, but is this one that they can be in control of. Even though it is not constitutionally a right, there is what is called the implied right to privacy. This ‘implied right’ was pointed out and suggested by the landmark case Roe V. Wade. This particular case showed that if you combine multiple rights into one you get the ‘implied right’. Under this implied right people can do things in privacy that aren’t illegal and be left alone to do it if they want. When it comes to the issue of genetic engineering, parents if they want have the right to privacy and the right to do want the want with their child. When the technology becomes available to everyone, if a parent wants to make their child superior then they should be allowed without

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