To Build a Fire by Jack London Essay

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“To Build a Fire” written by Jack London can truly be considered as a work of art. With themes anyone can relate to, such as survival and man versus nature, it is a great short story for anyone looking for something to read. Everyone knows a dog is a man’s best friend, but what happens when it is man versus dog. When survival of the fittest kicks in, the fittest truly shows. In “To Build a Fire”, Jack London expresses various elements of literature to really get the reader involved in the story. The unnamed man in this story is the protagonist. He does not portray numerous personalities, which makes him a flat character as shown in the line,"The trouble with him was that he lacked imagination..."(london) and "He was …show more content…
No matter what nature throws at him. The antagonist of the story, believe it or not, is not someone out to get the unnamed man, but in fact it is just nature. The harder the man tries, it seems that the colder it gets. The weather through out the story is quite simple......cold! Which makes it flat. The cold weather and sunless days prove to reek havoc on the man and the dog. Nature proves to be the true enemy of the story. Survival of the fitest as its referred to, but who is more fit? Man or Mans best friend? Beginning to end, nature does not change, which makes it static. In the end, it is nature who prevails between protagonist and antagonist. Though it seems hat nature is after the unnamed man, it is really unintentionally endangering the mans life. III. Setting In this story, the man and his dog are lost in the Yukon wilderness. To be precise, “… the man turned aside from the main Yukon trail…”(London)."This dark hairline was the trail-the main trail- that led south five hundred miles to the chilkoot pass..."(london).This shows that the man is in the Yukon Territory in the Canadian wilderness. At one point he is reffered to as a “cheechako”, or newcomer in the land. He has no idea of the hardships or the dangers that this land will offer. Its cold and windy landscape provides a conflict where the man must find a way to endure these challenges or parish in the attempt. There is no definite

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