Timothy Leary Essay

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Timothy Leary "Turn on, tune in, drop out." That saying has turned into the slogan of Timothy Leary’s mind-expanding movement. Although a graduate of both West-Point and Berkley, and a Harvard professor, these were not his greatest lifetime achievements. Throughout his publicized life, he became the spokesperson of the psychedelic age. His devotion to the belief that LSD and marijuana were gateways to enlightenment resulted in a new church, numerous prison sentences, and a following of both celebrities and the general public. When people think of Timothy Leary their immediate response is "Turn on, tune in, drop out," his trademark line, although the meaning of it has often been misinterpreted. Playboy …show more content…
The result of this left him unemployed. In the meantime he published "The Fifth Freedom: The Right to Get High" (Sterns 279). The loss of his job did not discourage his fascination of LSD, but gave him the chance to expand his objective. Before he lost his job in August 1960, Leary said, "[I] had the deepest religious experience of my life," after eating seven "sacred mushrooms," which have the chemical psilocybin in them, in one setting (Marwick 310). He repeated this fifty times in three weeks. Soon after he converted to Hinduism. Later, on August 30, 1963, during a lecture in Philadelphia he explained the occurrence, "A profound transcendent experience should leave in its wake a changed man and a changed life. Since my illumination of August 1960, I have devoted most of my energies to try to understand the revelatory potentialities of the human nervous system and to make these insights available to others." (Marwick 311). Leary attempted to make the insights available to others by making the religious experience that he encountered and the cause of it into a church. The League for Spiritual Discovery (notice initials) was created with the church maxim, "You have to be out of your mind to pray." The church advocated one LSD trip per week and marijuana everyday. "The sacraments marijuana and LSD should only be used by initiates and priest of our religion and used only

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