Elements Of My Journey As A Writer

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1. A topic for the journey, ‘My Journey as a writer’, was first chosen. Script was written in this topic to properly utilise drama elements. After editing and improving, final script emerged. After several practices it was recorded using some of the drama elements and a few props like books and photos were used. Windows movie maker was used to edit the movie effectively.

The short film ‘The Gift’ was chosen for viewing for ‘Arts responding’ aspect of the assessment. The drama brought tears and had a very important message for everyone. ‘Being rich is not about how much you have, but how much you give’. This drama helped in understanding most of the drama elements including the role, characters and relationship between son and father, what
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Developing Craft: A draft was written and was reviewed several times to express self; bring out the passion for writing, and the achievements made through persistent hard work.
The drama ‘The Gift’, exhibits meticulous work of the script writer, actors who have taken the roles of the son and father, shown performance to bring out the relationships.

Engage and persist: Props, expression and body language and voice modulation were added. Different situations were shown to express the hatred of the son towards his father, leading to tension ( ). Envision: The concluding part of journey as a writer was envisioned, which was completing the target of writing 50 books, and a link was made to the beginning of the next journey as a teacher.

Son would understand the good intention of his father, respect him and follow his footsteps in extending helping hands to the community.

The happiness of receiving the state best book award was shown through facial expression followed by display of a photo of receiving award from the premier.

The expression of bitterness was shown in the son’s face when his father gave him money in an envelope and the father’s expression of sadness when the son returns the money back to
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I have discussed two of the drama elements used in my story.

Voice and movement

I employed the element of voice and movement in the scene of receiving the award letter, sharing the happiness with my father and his response. The expressive voice is developed through the control of tone, volume, inflection and rhythm of delivery (). It is also evident that expressive action involves non-verbal communication skills of movement, mime, posture, gesture and facial expression ().


Tension in a drama draws performers and audience into the unfolding drama and maintains audience engagement. Tension could be described in script and also through drama delivery. The mention about a telephone call from a publisher which has created a turning point in the narrator’s life is an example. Completing the target of writing 50 books is another example to bring out tension in the story. Narrator has paused in the critical points of the story. Examples include the situation when the publisher offered an opportunity to write a book and when the narrator received the award

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