Reflective Essay On Drama

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I set up my classes to be a bit easier in my first year of high school, as to allow some time for an adjustment period; and I do love occupational ed classes. So I decided to sign up for drama tech. Drama tech is an entire class dedicated to all technical aspects of theatre, such as building and painting the sets, advertising, running sound and lighting equipment, among other things. This class was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The freedom and responsibility that this class gives you is liberating beyond the capablity of mere words. You’re given a task, and told to complete it without any instruction beyond “make a 2 foot tall 4x4 platform”. It’s quite nice to finally have a clear purpose while i’m in drama tech. So after a few months …show more content…
Whoops.” In truth, I had never been told that I needed to dress in a specific way, or even was house crew was. All I knew was that I was working ‘house crew’ on saturday at “12:45ish”.
A few minutes later, Rachael came out from backstage gave me the same conversation sonja had. “Yeah; just for future reference, you should wear something sorta fancy if you’re gonna be working house crew. Actually, go ask Madison if you can borrow a suit from the prop loft.”
Madison was an advanced drama tech student who handled painting and costuming, and was at every show that the school put on to help actors with their costumes, as well as coordinate
I have to say, I grew very attached to that suit in the 5 or so hours I wore it, even if it was a bit missized for me. My first job was to stand in the theater and to make sure no one was littering, eating, or being disruptive. Before I started, my friend Sonja took a picture of me out of surprise, as I had never worn anything fancy until that day. Once the theater doors were opened, the sound head started to play some music to add ambience, and I began to stand upright in the same pose for the next half hour. My legs, back, and even arms began to kick me with aches and pain after a mere five minutes, and I spent the remainder of my time standing there in deep thought as to why my arms were aching while they were only lightly held behind my back. Despite this, I was fueled by a burning sense of pride that I’ve never felt before. That pride seemed to mitigate any pain that I felt, and made me determined to continue. It was quite a novel experience, and one that I would be glad to

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