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As we pulled onto Cushing's Seventh Street, I noticed the quietness of the community, and the quaintness of the buildings lining "Main Street." I had always wondered what it was like to live and work in a small town, and after driving through it on my way to Tyler, Cushing seemed like the perfect place to learn about. I asked my boyfriend about the town since he is also from a local small town, and he said that to him, Cushing was a fine place to grow up, or retire but not to live. He decided

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As we waited on our food, I enjoyed gazing upon the old photographs and antique items hanging on the walls and lining the shelves with history (see pictures#5, 6). I also noticed that people do not worry about the latest fashion; they usually wear inexpensive, hard-working clothes. After Mr. Beck finished talking to Joe, he came into the cafe and sat down with us although we didn't ask him to. Since he was there, I asked him to talk about Cushing and explain some things that seemed strange to me. He said that Cushing is an old and dying community that saw its peak in the nineteen twenties, then again during the fifties after WWII. In 1981, Stuart Margolin shot a movie called The Long Summer of George Adams and used several scenes that included downtown Cushing as a background. For this western movie, he was looking for a small old town with abandoned buildings. Cushing was the perfect place at that time. The downtown buildings were built during the twenties in the "old west" style, and now only serve as storage for the owners. "Cushing was a thriving community at one time," he said, "but when the new road (Highway 204) was put in, transportation was cheaper by truck, and the main industries left town just as they did with most other rural communities" (see source #6).
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