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The German scholar and theologian Jürgen Moltmann wrote a powerful work called The Way of Jesus Christ. In his book, Moltmann, blends Judaism and Christianity together to form what is called messianic Jewish faith. Messianic Judaism is a religious movement that adds to Evangelical Christian theology with elements of Jewish terminology and ritual. He connects the Old Testament with the New Testament and believes there must be a connection between the messianic and the Christian perspective of

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Son of Man

Moltmann raises the question, "Who is the Son of Man?" He states, "Jesus was the son of the human beings." Moltmann perceived the term "Son of Man" as only a part of Jesus deity. He stated that the term "Son of Man" did not address the complete nature of Jesus role as a human and divine (14). Moltmann believes Jesus was the human who manifested God with a human face (14). He uses Daniel 7:1-8, the vision of the four beasts later known as the image of the monarchies, to describe who the Son of Man is in history. Moltmann's reflection on how Daniel perceived the four beasts and their reign as rulers throughout history is a great example of taking things out of context. Daniel spoke eschatologically and prophetically about how God deals with world politics. However, Moltmann declares that the four beasts, written with-in the book of Daniel, were the four powers that had prestige and authority in history. Both interpretation is valid in the context we read Daniel. It is easy to agree that each Monarchy had a specific time to exist and to rule the world. Nevertheless, He did not mention any details about who Jesus was in history as the "Son of Man" except that the son of man would come after their rule. Moltmann does a great job at building a logical perspective of who the Son of God is throughout the New Testament and Old Testament. Interesting enough Moltmann has argued the messianic
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