The Role that Advertising Plays in the World Today Essay

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The Role that Advertising Plays in the World Today

Advertising is used in many ways and comes in many shapes and forms, its all around us and no matter what we do or where we go we will be surrounded by adverts whether we know it or not. You will always be a victim of self advertisement, like it or not but we will be because items of clothing, your car, even the pair of glasses you may be wearing will include some sort of logo or brand name that advertises the fact that you own something manufactured by this company and doing this advertises to the world that this company make such a product and you are also modelling it for them. In a way when you have a product that includes logos, brand names,
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This is because he has associated himself with a more expensive and exclusive design and brand of car that isn’t always available to the class c1 or b. But advertising is full of messages that try and attract only a few social groups or maybe all of them but are always aimed at certain target markets and age groups. In this essay I will be looking at two adverts from two different magazines and will be analysing who the target market is, what social groups it is aimed at and what the message they ere trying to get across is. The two adverts I have chosen are Orange, a phone tariff company and this is from the magazine Zoo Weekly. The other advert is by Virgin Mobile, the phone tariff company and I have taken this advert from the magazine Nuts. I will first be analysing the Orange advert and then followed by the Virgin Mobile advert.

This advert as a full page spread and pictures a large billboard at the centre of the page that reads ‘upgrade on pay as you go, get unlimited 3p texts.’ There is a bear pointing at the billboard holding a mug that says ‘worlds greatest dad!’ More towards the top of the page there is a tall sign in bright lights that has the message ‘another reason to be orange.’ In the background there are a few huge pine trees that you would expect to find in the mountains of Canada or somewhere like

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