The Risks in The Road Essay examples

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Throughout The Road by Cormac McCarthy the father insists that the journey along the road is one he and his son must make alone, for trusting strangers is too risky when they have no way of knowing the good people from the bad. In my essay I will discuss if it is worth risking everything for a chance to make their lives better. I will determine this by examining the kinds of risks taken (and not taken) throughout the book, and by looking at what influenced the decision to take or not take those risks. I will conclude that the father and son must risk contact with others because it is their only hope for changing their current doomed fate. The characters in The Road encounter various situations where they must decide if taking a risk is …show more content…
She claims that “sooner or later they will catch us and they will kill us” (McCarthy 56) and she would rather take control of her own fate now, than take the risk of her fate being controlled by another. However, she has no way of knowing that is what will happen. After all, the father ends up dying of natural causes and the son finds a group of people willing to protect him from those who want to hurt him. If she would have taken the risk of living in the post apocalyptic world she may have been able to survive for many years, but she will never know now because she was never willing to take that risk. The main risk the characters are faced with in The Road is whether they should make the journey with others, or continue the journey alone. When they encounter the “bad guy” who holds a knife to the son (McCarthy 66) it is obviously not a postive outcome from trusting others. However, as discussed earlier in this essay about searching houses for food, one negative outcome does not mean that taking this risk will always result in a negative outcome. For example, when they trusted the man calling himself Ely and gave him food (McCarthy 164) they did not have a negative outcome from that, and from Ely’s point of view the outcome was extremely positive. As discussed earlier you will never be able to determine the result of a risk before taking it. The man and the boy have no way of determining if joining forces with others they

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