The Risk Factors and Stories of Obesity Essays

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Have you ever asked yourself if you are an obese person?Or do you know what obesity is?Well,Obesity is having fat in your body that is unneeded.Obesity is calculated using the body max index which us abbreviated as (BMI),and if your BMI was higher than 30..then you are definitely an obese person.
In this paper,we are going to get into details about obesity.


Our body needs fat,but when this fat accumulates and become more than needed,this is called Obesity.There is a difference between over weight and obesity.To be considered obese, the result of your Body Max Index should be 3o or above.

It is very easy to diagnose if you are obese or way to diagnose obesity is
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Also,one of the most causes of obesity is the lack of sports.Since the climate in the United Arab Emirates is hot,people rather to stay indoors instead of walking and jogging outdoors.And while they are indoor,they either watch a movie,or play a video game..and having some snacks and beverages which leads to excess amount of fats.

Another reason of obesity is junk food.If you look at the calories in a cheese burger you would be surprised.Can you imagine that a cheese burger has 326 calories!.And to burn this amount of calories ,you need to walk for 30 minutes.

One of obesity’s causes is not having enough sleep..infact,the risk is doubled.Other cases of obiesity is caused of taking some medication that decrease the ability of burning fats,and some times ,a person might have a faulty gene that might result obesity.

Risk Factors
There many diseases that can form from obesity such as heart diseases and strokes.
Obesity might cause:
1. Heart diseases
2. Blood pressure
3. Strokes
4. Type 2 Diabetes
5. Abnormal blood fats
6. Metabolic syndrum
7. Cancer
8. Osteoarthritis
9. Sleep apnea
10. GallStones
And more and more…and all of these diseases are very dangerous that might lead to death.

Obesity might cause heart disease where a substance that is called plaque may block coronary arteries.Coronary

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