Essay The Rape Epidemic

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Rape causes depression, loss of self-esteem, self-incrimination, and suicide. Therefore the consequences of rape should be life in prison or put in a mental institution. Rape should be banned nationally because you don’t know who could be raped next. Victims fear personal and family safety after a tragic incident like being raped.
The trauma of rape can lead to depression and can put victims in a horrible mental state of mind. Symptoms of depression can go unnoticed for long periods of time especially if the victims doesn’t speak out and tell someone. “Symptoms of depression are social withdrawnness, lack of interest in things the victim would normally enjoy, feelings of worthless unexplained irritability, and inability to
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CBS News found the following: The charge involves improper sexual activity with a person in custody. Neal was arrested Nov. 23 on a sexual assault charge the day after a 19-year-old woman said she was raped during a traffic stop. Neal was freed on bond following the initial charge. Neal has been on paid administrative leave since then. According to an arrest affidavit, Neal asked the woman to step out of her vehicle after tailing her for several blocks around 2 a.m. on November 22. The affidavit says Neal told the woman her vehicle had been reported stolen. The document says the woman provided the officer with a receipt of the recently purchased vehicle, but the officer asked her to step out of the car to be patted down. He denied the charges against him. It seems as though no consequences were given or enforced to Neal. He should have been put in prison for a life sentence. He wasn’t remorseful or anything because the repercussions for his action were mediocre. The reasons for Neal’s actions are uncertain and haven’t been expressed to anyone. Being raped can change your whole outlook on life and traumatize you for life. During, before, and after a rape crime victims often have a lot of emotional problems. Dealing with being raped is a very difficult thing to do especially if the victim knows the offender. To try and move past the tragic incident rape survivors tend to change their lifestyles as far as location, groups

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