The Rape Epidemic in Malaysia Essay

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Sexual crimes, especially rape, are on the rise these days. So much so that on some days, this heinous offence is all you read about on the newspaper. Few weeks ago, an incident whereby a ten-year-old school girl was being forced upon by her van driver, in front of her friends and schoolmates no less, came into light much to the public’s horror. Unfortunately, it is not the first nor will it be the last case that we will hear of and this proved to be true when two men were arrested a fortnight ago for stalking and raping more than five teenage girls living in their neighbourhood (Azizan 2010).
According to the statistics compiled by the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, the number of rape cases reported
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Most of this results from the lack of exposure to sex education. Children are not taught from young about bodily functions and how to differentiate ‘good touches’ and ‘bad touches’. As a result, they grow up with the mindset that a woman’s refusal of sex is just another way she flirts.
Rape is not a sexual act; it is an act of asserting power and dominance over the victim. It is an attempt to overpower, violate, and weaken human dignity. Effects of Rape
a) Towards the victim
The first thing that victims may suffer from is unwanted pregnancy. Whether they choose to keep the child or not, it will be expensive and in areas where abortion is not legal, the situation becomes even more complicated for the victim.
Another thing that victims may suffer from is the transmission of STDs. Diseases such as HIV/AIDS could affect their health both short and may even lead to their death. There is also a risk of damage to body organs and bodily functions. Forced intercourse may cause physical injury to the vagina and uterus.
Psychologically, victims will suffer trauma and paranoia. They will be emotionally affected and the results will manifest in changes in attitude. These effects may even last a lifetime. Victims will undergo self-pity & self-blame, which is partly due to stigma from society, who tend to assume that victims must have done something wrong to deserve rape. The victim ends up believing it is her fault and that she could have

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