The Music of The Doors Essay

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The Music of The Doors

The Doors’ first album, The Doors, takes the listener on a journey through the doors of perception and invites the listener to experience through music, what Jim Morrison was fascinated with throughout his brief but dramatic career.. Having never analyzed the music of the Doors before, I am extremely glad that I did. There is a wealth of information that lies through Jim Morrison’s poetry that most people seem to miss. The music contained in this album is nothing short of fantastic, and combined with the genius of Jim Morrison’s poetry, allows the listener to take a voyage through the Doors of Perception, and into another reality. The album starts off with the song, Break On Through (To the Other
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Morrison sings, “Let me sleep all night in your soul kitchen, warm my mind near your gentle stove” - he obviously doesn’t want to leave this place, as it is here where his mind is free to explore and test the bounds of reality. When he adds, “turn me out and I’ll wander”, he is saying that once he leaves this place, he will feel lost and out of place. The Crystal Ship, that Morrison sings about , can be a metaphor for the hallucinagenic drug itself. He explains “the crystal ship is being filled. A thousand girls, a thousand thrills”. These are the pleasures awaiting him once he embarks on the crystal ship. His “lover” in the song doesn’t want to go, “you’d rather cry, I’d rather fly”, and so he leaves, saying “When we get back, I’ll drop a line.” The next song, Twentieth Century Fox, to me, can have two different meanings. One one hand, it can describe a woman that Jim Morrison admires - “she’s the queen of cool, and she’s the lady who waits”. A twentieth century fox - an ideal woman for the time. On the other hand, it can be a metaphor for drugs. “Got the world locked up in a little plastic box” could describe how in that box is the drug, which contains that altered reality. “No tears, no fears, no ruined years, no clocks” all describe how in an altered state one can lose sense of time and escape their pain. The subject of The Alabama Song (Whisky Bar) is one of needing to go to

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