The Incas and Their History Essay

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Section A:
This investigation will assess the extent of resistance of Incan civilization and the effects on the spread of Spanish culture and religion after the successful Spanish conquest, after 1532. Research in the Incan religion and culture cannot come from primary sources (the Incans), as most of the known information on the Incan comes from two sources, the records from foreigners, pre-conquest, and archeology found. To achieve this, sources containing information on religion and culture include: Religion and empire: the dynamics of Aztec and Inca expansionism by Geoffrey Conrad and Historia de los Incas by Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa. To assess resistance within Incan society, retaliation and preservation of culture and religion,
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The first significant date, 1438, is important as it becomes the beginning of the watermark years for the Incan Civilization. The famous ruler, Pachacuti (1438-1471), or as he would be referred to, “earth shaker” was the first to begin the great expansion the Incan Empire. Pachacuti, would come to power after successfully defending and destroying the neighboring power tribe, Chancas. “In the years of his rule, he would establish a centralized location, add to the architecture of Cusco, establish a food storage system and expand the empire to Lake Titicaca, which is now in Boliva, then east to the Pacific Ocean and north to present-day Ecuador.”(PBS) Pachacuti also established the official language of the Incans, Quechua, in effort to bring together the vast territories captured.
The successor of Pachacuti was his son, Huayna Capac. Capac was the last to expand the Incan empire, as he expanded into, the now countries of Ecuador and Colombia. In 1527, the Incan Empire reached its peak, as it controlled land stretching from present-day Ecuador to Chile. Before the Death of Huayna, the ruler of the Incas spilt the Incan Empire, between his son Atahualpa and his other son, Huáscar. (Gamboa p.32) A civil war would begin, as both brothers sought to the control the Empire. Atahualpa succeeded in overthrowing his brother, and took over the Empire. As these events were occurring, the Spanish, led by Pizzaro and his brothers, landed in South America, and made expeditions

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