The Importance of Worldview in Life Essay

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The purpose of this assignment is to select a kaupapa (issue) from the field of social service / work to which I have a personal interest and to discuss how and why it expands my understanding of social relationship and Mauri-Ora (wellbeing). To approach this task I will discuss the concept of Indian model of “Sanskar” and how it relates to Takepu (principles) in our social work. I will include my personal and professional experience to explain this. Further to that I will answer the following questions.
1. How could my worldview of mental health influence my practices?
2. How Indian model of “Sanskar” work alongside with Takepu.
World view is a mental model of reality, a frame work of ideas and attitudes about
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The beliefs, values, and behaviours of a culture stem directly from its worldview."
I will provide a personal example to outline the importance of worldview in mental health practice. In my culture premarital sex, dating or partnership living are not accepted social norms. My prejudices in this regard may act as a potential risk to my clients unless I take extra precautions and adapt well to the New Zealand Cultural norms. In recent years, due to the influence of media, internet and more exposure to western culture, these social norms are changing in some parts of India. Even in these changed areas certain religions (Christian and Muslim) still don’t accept it as normal practices. There are more severe punishments and consequence in certain tribe / caste in India. Revenge or honour killings are ordered by community /tribe chiefs or family head for premarital sex, courtship and marriage without parental approval. Even if there is a law prohibiting these actions it falls on deaf ears. Parents and tribal leaders are ready to face the law rather than deviating from their strong personal views and decisions. Modern governments are still unable to change many such worldviews held for centuries.

This shows how important once personal worldviews are. Each individual is entitled to hold their own personal views and opinion. It is more significant in social service, when client critical thinking and rational are

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