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In today’s global market, managers must make a great effort to explore and put into effect several types of management strategy. The economy in these modern times is so competitive that managers must sometimes look to less conventional means of increasing productivity in the workplace. Monetary rewards can only produce so much motivation for employees. If a company wants to be as successful as is possible, they must consider their employees well-being and help drive them to not only work hard

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To loosen a rigid corporate structure allows employees to feel more comfortable and free at work. In an article for the Harvard Business Review, To Be a Better Leader, Give Up Authority, several authors analyzed this concept. In the observation of CSC Germany, an IT consulting and services firm, the article says that while in rough times, the leaders of CSC Germany attempted to tighten control of the company by allowing a small group of leaders make most of the decisions for the company. As a result, the corporation’s profits declined further. (Amar et al.)

Instead of fixing the problem, CSC Germany was in greater peril. Luckily, they decided to change their strategy by testing out a “no-control” management policy. CSC Germany implemented this strategy first on their Enterprise Content Management team of sixty employees. The ECM team functioned by choosing peers as supervision in their work and taking advantage of what all of them had to offer as leaders. The results were so astounding that CSC Germany expanded the test to its IT Architecture Consulting sector, again achieving success. (Amar et al.)

The observation of this empowerment technique by The Harvard Review found that by giving every member of a company the feeling that they personally are responsible for its success creates the drive to work harder and contribute more. In a report on the subject by Kathy Williams, "Employees Turn to Informal Organization", a survey was taken of all levels of a
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