The Importance of Attending Class in Career Field I've Chosen, & the Imprtance of Responsibility

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Why is it important to attend class in the career field you've choosen? At times I ask myself this very question! After giving some serious thought I've came to the conclusion that yes, it is important to attend class because how can you get the full effect of learning if your not there to grab all the information you can. Its impossible to think that you can achieve your career goal without assistance. All thought I must admit, at times school may be weary, but as they say, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!''. I apply that to my college life when I fill that its impossible for me to attend school or be on time for class. Not only does it effect you, but it could effect others around you at times.When entering college you will …show more content…
Having a plan, knowing how much you must and can do to get to your goal of going to college will make it much easier and will give you the knowledge and skills required to get to college.

In addition to that attending class is very vital to attend class because the more you know the more you excel in! If you miss one day class its like missing a lifetime of knowledge. Then after missing the day you will have to go back and try to play catch up. This is the part where it could effect the people around you! For one example you could miss class one day or even be late, and you go back and try to get the information from a colleague and most of the time they haven't done the work and they were at school. Then in most cases most people have there own tatics of learning, so even if you do play catch up and succeed nine times out of ten you may not understand what going on with what they have on their paper. Its best you be at school as much as you can to get a full understanding from a set person. That way when you have questions you can ask the instructor and get the full understanding of everything. Attending class causes no confusion and no unnecessary conflict between you or any classmates and/or teachers. Not to mention it keeps downs lots of frustration with you having to do so much work, then end up missing even more days because you feel you have to catch up on that particular

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