The High Price of Adoption Essay

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Parents have the tendency to overlook how lucky they are to have had the ability to create their own children. Many do not recognize what a true blessing it is to have kids, and that others are not fortunate enough to experience that miracle. Ten percent of couples endure infertility (Advantages) so they must consider other options. A very popular choice is adoption. It is not only a good alternative for the couple, but also for the child who needs a loving home. While the idea of adoption sounds so perfect and great, one huge factor makes the adoption choice somewhat difficult. One would never think of putting a “price” on their own child yet adoption is extremely pricey. A couple looking to adopt better be prepared to spend …show more content…
Studies show that adopted children grow up knowing how much they are truly loved by their adoptive parents, and they also have positive self-images of themselves (Newlin Carney). No sum of money can substitute for the amount of love people have to give to a child. Adoptive parents so badly want a child that they make sure to give them whatever they need. They want to be the perfect parents and not take for granted how fortunate they are to be able to do so. It is proven that children who are adopted have greater health, receive more one-on-one attention, and their adoptive parents are more involved in the child’s activities. Statistics show that more than half of adopted children eat dinner with their family at least six times a week (statistics). In this day in age, that is almost unheard of. Biological families do not even spend that kind of time together, and they definitely did not spend $35,000 to get their child. Adoptive parents want nothing more than to be parents, and adoptees want nothing more than to be loved and cared for. Almost all of these children receive more attention and involvement from their adoptive parents than some kids receive from their own biological parents. I believe this shows how dedicated and serious adoptive parents are about having children. It worries me because I am sure there are many families out there that shy away from adoption because of the cost.

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