Essay The Happiness of Ignatus

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Happiness is a virtue seen different in everyone’s eyes. Happiness stands for what that person might desire, need or just what makes other happy. A single person cannot define happiness with one word it’s a dynamic which is constantly changing depending on the individuals circumstances, believes, hobbies and so more, Therefore happiness exist whiting humans, it’s a way of living however not everyone has achieves happiness. Ignatius being the man he is an irritating and self center human cannot experience true happiness unless we truly try to understand his mind. The story revolves around him on how others affect him and how he deals with it. In a serious of event the true nature of ingenious is revealed. For instance the plot isn’t just …show more content…
The American dream is said to be that each man have the right to pursue happiness and strive to gain it. Humans in general have no right to judge people based on their color of skin or race. Things were horrible for color people back then they had no right and they were looked upon as less and now things aren’t any better. America being a widely divers nation had taken a turning point on judgment this time towards Hispanic, blacks and even women. In no way have we grown much than what we believe. We still believe in social class in the fact that the one with money deserves better care, rather it should be an equal plan, were all hum are we not? Then why treat each other as animals. The confederacy of dunces is a great book yet I felt utterly unpleased when reading it for the fact that it showed women to be rather only about sex.
To my interpretation the climax was Ignasious mother sending him to a mental hospital because it lead him to finally independalize him self and leave. Rather before that we noticed him being in a party while he wishes to talk about vital issues the party revolves around sex, not only was the party but almost evey women figure for instance Darlene wanting to become a striper. To my view women seem as incapable and when they were able to gain or work they would take it over bord for instance the lady owning the bar, she seemed so obsesded whit perfection and so stuck in her view that everyone

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