Essay on The Great Depression

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The Great Depression

The Big Picture
The Great Depression was the longest and most severe economic decline in American history. On October 29, 1929, the stock market crashed and began the depression. Although industry leaders issued optimistic predictions for the nation's economy, the market crash wiped out nearly 40% of the paper values of stocks.
Great innovations in productive techniques during and after the war raised the output of industry beyond the purchasing capacity of U.S. farmers and working force. As a result of this, unemployment skyrocketed during the years of the Depression, reaching levels as high as one third of the population. Almost half of the commercial banks of the United States failed during the Depression.
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If they didn't have those skills, they had to use other resources.
"We didn't own a farm or much land, but we still managed to produce enough food for our family on the land we did own. Other times, we relied on Government issued ration stamps to help provide. They were use to such things as sugar, gasoline, and other things in bulk. If you didn't have the stamps, you didn't have much to go on."
Clean clothing was a great necessity that not many people could afford. Many poor people would wear the same clothing for years. Food was more important at that time than clothing. What would be the point of buying clothes if you were going to die of starvation?
"My mother had always made me clothes. Even when we could afford to buy clothes she would make them for me. I loved the clothes she made better than the ones that were bought for me. They held more sentimental value, at least to me they did. She had even made a special little blanket just for me."
In the rural parts of America, people were friendlier than in the urban cities. Neighbors helped neighbors to get along with daily life. America joined together to get through the roughest of times.
"When we ran out of milk, our neighbor would come to our house and milk the cow, because mom didn't know how to do it. Our neighbors were like family and without them, life would have been much harder."
Many people in Eastern part

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