American History: The Dust Bowl

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The Dust Bowl will forever be remembered in American History, the pounds of sand killed many people and animals, and it lasted nearly a decade, with no sunlight, and little hope.
It was very difficult to live in The Dust Bowl, many lost their lives, and many lost their hope, this affected people in their personal ways, to see their friends, family, and outside life.

People couldn’t dare to step outside, the only thing that people could see is pitch dark, and people couldn’t find fresh food and water that hasn’t been touched by dirt. By 1940, more than 2.5 million people had fled from the regions affected by the Dust Bowl.(“Dust Bowl”) The Dust Bowl negatively affected people who were surviving in the storm. Tons of people fled from their
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They lost family, friends, their homes, food, water, everything.
The Dust Bowl was the name given to the Great Plains region devastated by drought in 1930s depression-ridden America. (“Dust Bowl”)
Drought is a negative thing to people, and all living things. The dust killed plants, because it was dark for many years without sunlight, it killed animals because it destroyed their homes and filed lakes and ponds with tons of sand, making it undrinkable. Animals and people died from deceased and pounds of sand, making it hard to breath, and the sand is inside them and kill them. It was a very difficult
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Drought threatened another disaster in the 1950's, prompting Congress to subsidize farmers in restoring millions of acres of wheat back to grassland. (“Dust Bowl”)People lost their homes, their farms, and some their life. People couldn’t live in a farm, and farm anymore with the amount of dust destroying everything in its path, and no fresh water, only dirty water filled with sand. Before the start of the Great Depression, there were 25,000 banks in the United States. By 1933, almost half of those banks (11,000) had failed. (“The Great Depression”) Many buildings, like banks failed. People lost their crops from their farm of what they were living off of. Only some had few crops, and little food and water. People would risk getting ill drinking the dirty water. People died of thirst, because of all those rivers and lakes that didn’t make it through the storm. This affected people in many ways, and animals to. When Dust Bowl conditions devastated farmers, many defaulted on their bank loans, which helped lead to widespread bank failure. (“The Great Depression”) People lost their money and land and people were trapped in their homes. Many people died from diseases, drought, hunger, and so much more, which brought down the population. All of the dust whipped out homes, towns, building, with pounds and pounds of dirt for many years.

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