Essay on The Globalization of Greed

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Globalization refers to the expansion of global relations and the integration of different cultures that are interacting in new ways. Through globalization people are able to communicate and exchange information. To corporations it is purely an economic process: “the result of the market system unleashed on a worldwide scale” (“Perspective: The Exigencies of Globalization”). Globalization has made profit the core objective of large corporations, though the consequences of these large scale productions both environmentally and ethically are often overlooked. This essay will investigate the consequences of globalization by examining the power dilemmas between the nation state and intercontinental nations, as well as the corporate drive for …show more content…
The problem is evident. The work force that allows these transnational corporations to exist at all are being robbed of their money. Large corporations are localizing to smaller undeveloped countries to pay unqualified workers less which results in more profit for the corporations, and ultimately further control in that nation.
The corporations’ direct power over the undeveloped nations results in draining local communities and putting an end to cultural diversity. The diminishing local community eventually forces everyone to leave local work and join production at these large scale companies in order to be able to provide for their families consequently as the standard of livings steadily inclines. A fast fix to poverty you might say, but what many do not realize is the lives of an entire communities and even nations now lie in the hands of corporations. Corporations can easily control the people of those societies, for their local business have been destroyed making work at the big plant in town their only option. This creates an ethical dilemma between profits and people. Globalization by large corporations not only affects the people but also has consequences on larger concerns such as the environment, correspondingly affecting everyone worldwide.
As a result resources are being diminished in the local communities because there is simply no one left to produce the products for

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