Analysis Of The Great Gatsby, The Jungle And The Pearl

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We go through life, wanting more and more. We merely seem to be unsatisfied with what we have and commonly makes us wish for a life of wealth. Money aids in having you sustain a more luxurious way of life but that doesn 't mean it brings happiness. Many people migrated to the U.S. in hopes of getting more opportunities and make more money. Although this comes with a huge cost because people believe that accumulating more money means being happier. This is a huge lie and will be analysed through the journey characters in The Great Gatsby, The Jungle and The Pearl. The Pearl is a short novel written by John Steinbeck, that takes the reader on a journey of a low income family of three. The main characters are Kino, the father, Juanan, the mother and Coyotito, the infant child. Their family lives on a small town that is close to the sea. One …show more content…
Scott Fitzgerald, who wrote the book to capture the triumph and tragedy in the American Society in the 1920’s. The protagonist, Nick Carraway is telling the story of Jay Gatsby, a newly rich man. Jay was born to some poor farmers and as a young boy aspired to grow into a rich and successful man. This dream of him rekindled when he met Daisy, the love of his life. He felt as though he could give everything to Daisy that she could ever want or need except for the financial security. For five years, he worked hard in an illegal business (bootlegger), becoming the talk of the town. He was what Americans aspired to be and do; go from rags to riches. Gatsby was able to live his childhood illusion of being a rich successful man but new acquired what he worked so hard for; the love of Daisy Buchanan. Every weekend we threw great luxurious parties in hopes that one day Daisy would show up. Eventually she did but he was not enough to make her stay. Although Jay Gatsby was rich and did not lack in any sort of materialistic thing, he did not have the one thing he had worked hard

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