The Food Safety Issue in Taiwan Essay

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1. Introduction
In 2013, the food safety problem happening in Taiwan had raised the whole society’s concerns, and this serious issue also had caused a high degree of attention from the media in different countries. The industries involved in this scandal included cooking oils, alcoholic drinks, and other daily necessities. Among these categories, the food scandal occurring in the cooking oil industry was the most serious one as many famous oil manufacturers were all involved in this incident. All of these food safety scandals had made consumers lose trust in the government and be worried about their health.
At the beginning of this incident, a famous food factory called Chang-Chi Foodstuff Co. was accused of using inferior materials and
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A national food safety conference was also held in November 2013 in order to seriously address this issue. Food distributors in China, Singapore, and other overseas food suppliers which had ordered or purchased materials from the companies involved in this scandal all stopped using these questionable products from Taiwan, and even ask for compensation.
In this food safety incident, it could be argued that the Taiwan government’s inability to regulate these food manufacturers is the main cause of this problem. This could also be interpreted that the relationship between the state and the market is crucial in terms of preventing market failures. Consequently, the central research question of this paper will be:
To what extent does the state’s intervention effectively regulate the food production industry and prevent market failures? Why did the Taiwan government fail to regulate the behaviour of food production firms in Taiwan?
These two questions are under one big issue – state and market. In order to explore more about this food safety incident under this big picture, this essay will start from the discussion regarding different scholars’ argument toward the relationship between the state and the market. Then an argument combined with relevant empirical materials will be provided in the core analysis part. Finally, the conclusion will reveal some of the majoring findings and personal opinions in the final part of this essay.

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