The Effects of Childhood Cancer on Families and the Journey That Becomes the New Normal

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In 1998, the most common cause of child and adolescents death claimed approximately 2500 young lives in the United States alone. The cause of this dreadful loss of life was due to childhood cancers. This paper explores the changes in the life of children dealing with cancer, families that have been affected by these diseases (also known as pediatric cancer) and a small part of the journey they experience. Cancer does not discriminate and affects all members of the family unit. This paper investigates the challenges that a family will experience from the first diagnoses through palliative care. It examines research and statistic about childhood cancer from organization as the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), the National Cancer …show more content…
The advancement in pediatric oncology, American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), dedicated to subject distinctive clinical oncology, the National Cancer Institute's (NCI), the Federal Government's primary agency for cancer research and training, and the Children’s Cancer Research Fund (CCRF), are amongst many institutes dedicated to research and development of new treatments and procedures for a cancer cure. The development of new treatments that focus on case studies, are just a few factors in the decreasing amount of child cancer fatalities.
Although such matters as chemotherapy and other medicinal treatments, therapy, and palliative care, are important parts for the cure of cancer, the family’s ability to cope with the diagnoses is extremely important, as well. Advances in the specialty of pediatric oncology have significantly improved the prognosis of children with cancer. Since this childhood disease is no longer imminently fatal, their families must face the challenge of coping with a life altered by cancer, its expensive treatment regimens, and the accompanying uncertainties the disease and treatments brings.
The most devastating news a family with a sick child could receive from their pediatric physician, is hearing the word cancer as the diagnoses of their child’s illness. Childhood cancer has claimed the lives of so many of

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