The Death Penalty Essay

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When you first think of the words ’death penalty’, you can’t help but associate that with the words ’capitol punishment’. However, is the death penalty really the ultimate, and therefore capital punishment. I believe that capitol punishment is the right punishment for those who commit heinous crimes like pre-meditated murder or rape. However, the death penalty would not satisfy me as a family member of the victim. What would satisfy me is to know that the murderer or rapist is suffering in prison until he dies and receives their true punishment in eternal life. I believe that life in prison, in solitary confinement, and without the possibility of parole, is the most fit punishment and the punishment that will put the person in the most …show more content…
What about politicians who make sacrilegious communions? Such a position would be consistent with his use of Scripture.” Therefore, I say, you can not solely rely on the scriptures when it comes to this manner. The Mosaic Laws are simply not ones that will work in today’s society. So, if it is not going to be the bible, than what else.
     Apart from the bible as a book, my faith itself plays a big role in my life and in my decision about the death penalty. My faith tells me that ultimately, the final judgment is when it all comes together and adds up. What I mean by that is, if we kill those who kill than we are playing God. The final judgment on the last day is when the Lord will punish deservingly those who commit the crimes that they did in their life time. This is a small point because I understand that you may not have the same faith as I do; for me, that part of my faith really plays a big part on my beliefs in the death penalty. Another point I would like to make is regarding how much someone really suffers when they are put to death?
     When someone is put to death, especially by the lethal injection, it seems as if they die instantaneously and with

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